Blackest Night – Prelude Comics

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This will be a list of all the comics that are preludes to The Blackest Night both in story line and Origins of the main characters…

Green Lantern Corps – No Fear

Green Lantern #1-6 — (Appear to be the origin of the Black Hand)

Green Lantern Corps – The Sinestro Corps War

Green Lantern Corps #14-19

Green Lantern The Sinestro Corps War

Green Lantern #21 -25

Green Lantern Corps – Sins of the Star Sapphire – Prelude

*Green Lantern Corps #29 – #32

Green Lantern – Rage of the Red Lanterns – Prelude

*Green Lantern #26- #28 and #36 – #38

Final Crisis

*Rage Of The Red Lanterns #1

Green Lantern – Agent Orange – Prelude

*Green Lantern  –  AGENT ORANGE

Green Lantern Corps – Emerald Eclipse – Prelude

*Green Lantern Corps: Emerald Eclipse


Titans #15

Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy #7


The following comic books I highly recommend to anyone interesting in the entire time line leading up to “The Blackest Night Series”

1. Final Crisis #1-7 (All about the deaths of many of the key Super-heroes and villains of the DC universe)

2. The Flash: Rebirth (All about Flash his powers and the history of the Flash family)

3. JLA : Cry For Justice – Full Series (Talks about the reason super-heroes are getting tired of of close friends and family dieing and now plan on being way more aggressive)

4. Booster Gold #21-25 (Talks about time lines and about the downfall of Batman)


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